I am running to make our city safer, cleaner and more prosperous. I will also fight the special interests at City Hall.

As a veteran, I served in the 101st Airborne Division and have been awarded two active duty medals.

I have served our city in many capacities; I am a former member of Anaheim’s Public Safety Board and I currently serve as a Board member of our city’s Public Utilities Board. I fight to keep our water rates low.

As a former small business owner in Anaheim, I appreciate Mayor Tom Tait’s regulatory relief and business friendly platform.

I want a city government that is responsive to its residents and respects the Constitution of the United States and its Laws.

I stand with the Mayor in his opposition to sweetheart deals for rich hotel developers and the attempted Anaheim stadium parking lot deal.

Although we must show compassion for the homeless, we must realize Anaheim does more than its fair share, and pressure should be put on other cities to do more.

My wife Amy and I love living in Anaheim. I humbly ask for your vote in November.